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Harvest of Gold (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Harvest of Gold (Library Edition)  

Author: Tessa Afshar 

A hidden message, treachery, opposition, and a God-given success, will lead to an unlikely bounty.

The scribe Sarah married Darius, and at times she feels as if she has married the Persian aristocracy too. But there is another thing she did not expect in her marriage — Sarah has grown to love her husband. She has wealth, property, honor, and power, yet securing her husband’s love seems unattainable. And though Darius has been on numberless battlefields facing fierce enemies, he finds himself standing before Sarah with a fear he has never felt before — just because he wishes to express the truth to his wife.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609819842
Publication Date: 20141108

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,FIC042030-FICTION / Christian / Historical

About The Author:

Tessa Afshar was voted New Author of the Year by the Family Fiction-sponsored Reader’s Choice Award 2011 for her novel Pearl in the Sand. She was born in Iran, lived there for fourteen years and attended an English boarding school before moving to the United States. Her conversion to Christianity in her twenties changed the course of her life forever. Tessa holds an MDiv from Yale University where she served as cochair of the Evangelical Fellowship at the Divinity School. She has served in Christian work ever since.

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