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Erasing Hell (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Erasing Hell (Library Edition) :  What God said about eternity, and the things we made up

Author: Francis Chan, Preston Sprinkle 

How could a loving God send people to hell? Will people have a chance after they die to believe in Jesus and go to heaven? With a humble respect for God’s Word, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle address the deepest questions you have about eternal destiny. They’ve asked the same questions. Like you, sometimes they just don’t want to believe in hell. But, as they write, “We cannot afford to be wrong on this issue.” This is not a book about who is saying what. It’s a book about what God says. It’s not a book about impersonal theological issues. It’s a book about people God loves. It’s not a book about arguments, doctrine, or being right. It’s a book about the character of God. Erasing Hell will immerse you in the truth of Scripture as, together with the authors, you find not only the truth but the courage to live it out.   

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609813741
Publication Date: 20110705

Subject: REL012000-RELIGION / Christian Life / General,REL006050-RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / General,REL006080-RELIGION / Biblical Criticism & Interpretation / General,REL006110-RELIGION / Biblical Meditations / General,REL006400-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Exegesis & Hermeneutics,REL006000-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General,REL115000-RELIGION / Blasphemy, Heresy & Apostasy,REL012010-RELIGION / Christian Life / Death, Grief, Bereavement,REL012110-RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues,REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,REL030000-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Evangelism,REL074000-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources,REL067100-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Soteriology

About The Author: Francis Chan is the best-selling author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God and the host of theBASIC.series. He has also written the children's books Halfway Herbert, The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village and Ronnie Wilson's Gift. Francis is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and is the founder of Eternity Bible College. He also sits on the board of directors of Children's Hunger Fund and World Impact. Francis lives in California with his wife, Lisa, and their four children.

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