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Against the Wind (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Against the Wind (Library Edition)  

Series: Zion Diaries  
Author: Brock Thoene, Bodie Thoene 

As German Stukas circle in British skies, bombing London in repeated air raids, famous violinist Elisa Lindheim Murphy and her journalist husband, John, make an agonizing decision to send their three children to safety in America. But what about all the Jewish refugees left behind in England? Elisa will face the greatest trial of her life as she travels with evacuee children on seas made treacherous by Nazi U-boats. Explore the romance, the passion, and the danger of the most anticipated series of the last twenty years. Born from the highly acclaimed and best-loved works from three generations of followers - The Zion Covenant series and The Zion Chronicles series - Zion Diaries ventures into the lives of the inspiring and intriguing characters who loved intensely, stood up for what was right, and fought boldly during Hitler’s rise to power and the day days of World War II.
"When the German blitzkrieg of England begins, famed Jewish violinist Elisa Lindheim Murphy accompanies a boatload of Jewish children to safety in America, where her own children are. Narrator Bodie Thoene captures their life-threatening Atlantic journey as their story is told from Elisa’s diary entries. When the doomed ship is torpedoed by Nazi U-boats, Thoene recounts the characters’ escape to a lifeboat. Her compelling portrayal of the crew’s subsequent mutiny from food and water shortages on the lifeboat is especially believable, with the cries of children dying from thirst, illness, and hunger bringing tears. Sound effects add authenticity to a story that clearly portrays some of the costs of war—so often paid by innocents." 
G.D.W. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609812669
Publication Date: 20110329

Subject: FIC042030-FICTION / Christian / Historical,

About The Author:

The Thoene’s have written over fifty works of historical fiction. These best sellers have sold more than twenty million copies and won eight ECPA Gold Medallion Awards. In their timeless classic series about Israel (The Zion Chronicles, The Zion Covenant, and The Zion Legacy), the Thoenes’ love for both story and research shines. In 2008, their book Vienna Prelude, was a finalist in two categories for the Audieaudio book award. Prague Counterpoint was the 2009 AudieAward winner for Most Inspirational Audio book of the Year.

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