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Saving Zasha (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Saving Zasha (Library Edition)  

Author: Randi Barrow 

World War II has just ended when Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd, Zasha, in the woods. It’s dangerous — some say traitorous — to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia, so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her alive. But Mikhail’s rival, Katia, is determined to find the dog she is sure he’s hiding. At the same time, a soldier named Dimitri is breeding a new Russian dog at a nearby farm. So many dogs were lost to starvation and in combat that the country is in dire need of every kind of dog. Dimitri, too, has suspicions of Zasha’s existence, and would like nothing more than to add her to his breeding program. However, Dimitri will have to compete with the armed dog thieves who are also on her trail. Mikhail’s inspiring journey to save his best friend, the last German shepherd in Russia, forces him to face some of life’s hardest lessons about war, hate, forgiveness, hope, love, and man’s best friend. Review:   
"In tones crafted to delight the whole family, Roger Mueller presents the tale of Zasha, a beautiful German shepherd found by two boys in post-WWII Russia. The target of thieves and potential euthanasia because of her perceived German heritage, Zasha must be hidden from all except her family. Throughout the performance, Mueller employs a light accent meant to convey a Russian dialect. This deft touch keeps the listeners’ imaginations in that eastern European culture. At the same time, he maintains an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude throughout the story, subtly assuring his audience that a happy ending will ensue. Indeed it does, and listeners of all ages will be cheering for boys and dogs to the end." 
R.L.L. - Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award - © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609812379
Publication Date: 20110101

Subject: FIC042030-FICTION / Christian / Historical,JUV000000-JUVENILE FICTION / General

About The Author:

Randi Barrow is an attorney and amateur historian, who has also published adult nonfiction. When dogs entered her life a dozen years ago, the effect was profound. Saving Zasha, her first children’s book, was inspired and informed by her canine friends. Now a full-time writer, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband, musician/composer Arthur Barrow, and their Chihuahua mix companion, Manuel.

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