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Winning with a Balanced Goals Program (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Winning with a Balanced Goals Program (Library Edition)  

Series: Christian Motivation for Daily Living  
Author: Zig Ziglar 

"It's true that you were born to win. But, unfortunately, many have been conditioned to lose," says Zig Ziglar. In his own unique way, Zig shares with you why you must have a goals program. Christian Motivation For Daily Living: Winning With A Balanced Goals Program encompasses the financial, mental and spiritual aspects of life, helping you to establish God-directed goals for your personal, family and career life. Christian Motivation For Daily Living: Winning With A Balanced Goals Program is presented in twelve exciting lessons. You'll learn how to win big here and how to be an even bigger winner in the hereafter. It's practical, biblically-based, psychologically sound and physiologically accurate. Here's a program by Zig that will help you get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy. He is forcefully persuasive when he shares with the listener that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. The messages are positive, encouraging, exciting and include specific directions on how to achieve total, balanced success in your life. Some of the messages include: 1) Why do you play the game 2) You can be a great one 3) The power of words 4) You gotta have a goals program 5) The most important goals 6) Why don't you have a goals program 7) Our most important weekly goal 8) Exactly how to set your goals, and more!


Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609812263
Publication Date: 20100901

Subject: REL012040-RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational,

About The Author:

As a talented author and speaker his international appeal has transcended every color, culture, and career. Recognized by his peers as the quintessential motivational genius of our times, Zig Ziglar’s unique delivery style and powerful messages have earned him many honors and today he is considered one of the most versatile authorities on the science of human potential. Having shared the stage with Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Generals Norman Schwarzkopf and Secretary of State Colin Powell, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Harvey and Dr. Robert Schuller, he is one of the most sought after personal development trainers in the world. As a patriot he has been recognized three times in the Congressional Record of the United States for his work with youth in the drug war and for his dedication to America and the free enterprise system. Titans of business, politics and sports consider him to be the single greatest influence in their lives.

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