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Winning with a Balanced Life (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Winning with a Balanced Life (Library Edition)  

Series: Christian Motivation for Daily Living  
Author: Zig Ziglar 

In Proverbs 15:23, the Bible says this: "A man has joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is the timely word!" Christian Motivation for Daily Living Volume I contains a multitude of apt answers contained in twelve timely messages.  Take delight in learning truths that can literally transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Zig shares from his heart twleve life-changing messages, which will encourage you and build you up. Learn how his Christian faith has been the real difference maker in his business, social, and family life. Some of the messages include: 1) What is success 2) Employment security in a no-job-security world 3) Recognizing, developing and using your gifts 4) A formula for success 5) To serve or be a servant.  Discover for yourself the inner peace and true happiness that come from living the abundant life God planned for you. 

"What makes every minute of this collection of recorded talks so satisfying is Ziglar's heartfelt regard for every member of the audience—faithful or cynical. With his affirming speaking style (part preacher, part salesman, part elder statesman), he shows how 12 life questions can be addressed with Christian principles. Because his view of Christianity is one that embraces secular and emotional experience, these guiding principles seem more familiar than religious—as if we already know them. But in the end, the collection works because of Ziglar's speaking gifts, and because he is one of the most sincere, generous, and wise personal development experts that has ever stood in front of an audience." 
T.W. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609811747
Publication Date: 20100901

Subject: REL012040-RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational,

About The Author:

As a talented author and speaker his international appeal has transcended every color, culture, and career. Recognized by his peers as the quintessential motivational genius of our times, Zig Ziglar’s unique delivery style and powerful messages have earned him many honors and today he is considered one of the most versatile authorities on the science of human potential. Having shared the stage with Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Generals Norman Schwarzkopf and Secretary of State Colin Powell, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Harvey and Dr. Robert Schuller, he is one of the most sought after personal development trainers in the world. As a patriot he has been recognized three times in the Congressional Record of the United States for his work with youth in the drug war and for his dedication to America and the free enterprise system. Titans of business, politics and sports consider him to be the single greatest influence in their lives.

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