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The Oz Principle (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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The Oz Principle (Library Edition)  

Series: Smart Audio  
Author: Roger Connors, Tom Smith, Craig Hickman 

The Oz Principle is the groundbreaking work that demonstrated the vital role of accountability in the achievement of business results and the improvement of both individual and organizational performance. With more than a half-million copies sold, The Oz Principle has emerged as one of the most influential and useful business ideas of recent times.
The Oz Principle shows how to overcome The Blame Game that is so prevalent in organizations today. By taking the Steps To Accountability® and helping people See It®, Own It®, Solve It® and Do It,® the authors help people take accountability and move Above the Line® to take ownership for overcoming obstacles and getting results. The book spells out how to capture the power of positive accountability by helping people at every level of the organization ask the question, “What else can I do?” to achieve the result.
The Oz Principle changed the fate of hundreds of companies because it works! People want to be accountable. Taking ownership of a business is exciting. So is improved performance. That’s why accountability has become a core management value for thousands of organizations throughout the world.
"This audiobook describes what we've all suspected- that it isn't just America in crisis, but the American character.  The good news is that Connors, Smith, and Hickman also describe the 'yellow brick road' we must follow to rebuild the dominant qualities required to achieve success. It uses masterful illustrations, powerful language and keen insight to continue the quest toward creating more accountable, adaptable work cultures."

—Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Co-founder Franklin Covey Company,
Author of the #1 best-selling The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609810894
Publication Date: 20100901

Subject: BUS041000-BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management,

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