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Flint and Silver (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Flint and Silver (Library Edition) :  A Prequel to Treasure Island

Author: John Drake 

A swashbuckling triumph of storytelling, Flint and Silver provides a thrilling ride back to the rich and wondrous world of Long John Silver and his fiendish nemesis Joseph Flint in this prequel to the beloved classic Treasure Island. John Silver had never killed a man. Until now, his charisma, sheer size and, when all else failed, powerful fists had been enough to dispatch his enemies. But on a smoldering deck off the coast of Madagascar, his shipmates dead or dying all around him, his cutlass has just claimed the lives of six pirates. Finding himself surrounded by their revenge-thirsty crewmates, Silver fears his promising merchant navy career is at an end. But then the pirate captain makes him an offer he can’t refuse. On the other side of the world, Joseph Flint, a naval officer wronged by his superiors, plots a bloody mutiny. Strikingly handsome, brilliant but prey to sadistic tendencies, Flint is regarded as the most dangerous bandit on the high seas. Together these gentlemen of fortune forge a deadly and unstoppable partnership, steering a course through treachery and betrayal while amassing vast treasure. But the arrival of Selena, a beautiful runaway slave with a murderous past, and Flint’s schemes to secure the pieces of gold for himself trigger a rivalry that will turn the best of friends into sworn enemies. And so the legend of Treasure Island begins—an epic battle of wits and blades that unravels the mysteries of Robert Louis Stevenson’s greatest work on the sweltering seas of the Caribbean.
"I'm no bloody pirate! Englishman John Silver says when he’s asked to join an outlaw band at the start of this prequel, which explains how the TREASURE ISLAND character became a buccaneer captain. From the start, Tim Gregory makes words come alive—with his delivery of words like "jab" and "swish" even sounding like the noise of swordplay. An occasional actual sound effect furthers the feeling that listeners are sailing on the high seas. John Drake's reimagining of Robert Louis Stevenson's characters is no children's tale, though, since the story of Silver's "symbiotic relationship" with Joseph Flint involves lust, violence, and sadism, often described graphically. But it’s an intriguing yarn, made more so by Gregory's energetic reading." 
J.A.S. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781609810443
Publication Date: 20100901

Subject: FIC002000-FICTION / Action & Adventure,FIC014000-FICTION / Historical,FIC000000-FICTION / General

About The Author:

John Drake trained as a biochemist—before realizing he wasn’t much good at science—and worked as an anchorman for PharmaVision, a live-TV broadcast service produced by ICI Pharmaceuticals, before leaving to write full-time in 1999. His hobbies and interests include muzzle-loaded shooting, history and politics. Flint and Silver was inspired by the many unanswered questions left in Robert Louis Stevenson’s much-loved classic, Treasure Island.

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