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Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul

Barbour Books


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Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul :  75 Fur-Filled Inspirational Readings

Series: Heavenly Humor  
Author:  Compiled by Barbour Staff 

Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t? Find mirth and spiritual refreshment in Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover’s Soul, featuring devotional readings drawn from fellow feline fans.  Seventy-five readings will make you laugh, chuckle, chortle, and snicker. And every reading points you to the heavenly Father who knows all about you—and loves you completely.

Highly recommended as a gift or daybook for prayer or mediation, Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul is part of a series from Barbour which includes Heavenly Humor for the Dog Lover's Soul, Heavenly Humor for the Woman's Soul and soon to include Heavenly Humor for the Chocolate Lover's Soul and Heavenly Humor for the Mother's Soul.

I absolutely adore this book. I almost didn’t want to finish it so I could cherish all of the stories and save them for reading on a later date

All of the stories have wonderful messages and are very inspiring. Each story is only a few pages long, so it is the perfect book to read “a little at a time,” but “Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul” is so good that you might not want to wait to read the next story!
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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602609921
224Pages / Publication Date: 20101001
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Subject: REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional,

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