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The Bible Search Engine

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The Bible Search Engine  

Series: Illustrated Bible Handbook Series  
Author: Pamela L. McQuade 

Wondering what the Bible has to say on a particular topic? Find out with The Bible Search Engine, featuring nearly 15,000 key scripture references arranged under 1,001 subjects. While concordances provide direction to specific words in scripture, this book helps you find verses by topic—important Bible concepts (such as Abiding, Heresy, the Lordship of Christ, and Revelation), contemporary subjects (like Abuse, the Environment, Pornography, and Young People), and other categories of interest (such as Animals, Careers, Trees, Weapons, etc.). It’s illustrated in color, to enhance your reading, and makes an ideal resource for personal, group, and teen study.
The Bible Search Engine written by Pamela L. McQuade and published by Barbour Publishers Inc is a topical search book for the Bible. Nonexhaustive, it covers each subject admirably and is easy to use. As stated in the introduction, Pamela McQuade's " goal is to encourage readers to study and understand the scriptures and to make God's word a consistent part of their lives." I believe she accomplished her goal quite nicely...I felt that this book covered both in a God honoring way. I would recommend this to homeschooling Christian parents and Sunday School teachers for educational purposes. I would find this useful for personal bible study as well.

Very comprehensive research book on many topics in the Bible with passage locations. I was extremely happy with the added information on specific areas to explain how the author defined this topic. This will help anyone writing sermons or papers that reference the Bible as well as pulling quotes from the Bible.

The current structure is in alphabetical order, which makes it easier to research and locate topics. The adding of pictures in the book add a nice touch to the book and make it not a clinical.

Nice work here and something that I would look to own once on the market.

This is the neatest book! If you want to look up a word that is in the Bible but don't know where it is, or a word similar to the word you are looking for, you are able to look it in this book just like a dictionary. It will list all the places it is located in the Bible. It is a very useful tool, especially for Bible Studies as a reference tool, during a church sermon, or even when reading the Bible or doing a Bible study. If you are sitting around wondering what the Bible says about a topic, look it up in this book and you will be able to find where it is listed in the Bible. You can also just sit down and read this book as a book and it is broken up with beautiful photos corresponding to some of the words listed in the section. This is a must-have book!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602609884
288Pages / Publication Date: 20110501
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Subject: REL006160-RELIGION / Biblical Reference / General,

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