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My Big Book of Bible People, Places, and Things

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My Big Book of Bible People, Places, and Things  

Author: Phil A. Smouse 

This brand-new Bible dictionary for kids 6 to 10 features 750 entries with age-appropriate text, colorful illustrations, and—best of all—fun! From the award-winning author and illustrator of Jesus Wants All of Me, Phil Smouse, My Big Book of Bible People, Places, and Things explains important terms in simple ways that new readers can easily grasp, while fun pictures enhance your kids’ learning. With entries including “Alleluia,” “Book of Life,” “Mary and Martha,” and “Walking on Water,” it provides an important head start on scriptural literacy!

This is a big book indeed, not that the book itself overpowers, but that it holds a wealth of simple, concise definitions of Biblical terms, characters and concepts and even names for God. The illustrations add clarity and depth to the definitions. I also appreciated the Scriptural references with the definitions. The definitions and format are appropriate for elementary age children.

My BIG Book of Bible People, Places and Things by Phil A. Smouse covers nearly everything in the Bible from A to Z for kids ages 6 to 10! The illustrations are fun and I love how it’s written in an age appropriate way (Smouse can be really funny!) that young readers can easily understand. Kids get a head start into digging in God’s Word!

Full of gorgeous colour illustrations and written in a way that is easy for children to understand, this book is sure to please both parents and children. Parents will appreciate the references underneath each individual word definition. A beautiful book that is sure to be loved by all the family.

A dictionary, the ultimate ABC book, an interest-catching reader for ages 6 to 10, family devotion starter; call it what you will, My Big Book of Bible People, Places, and Things is one incredible volume. Skipping through this dictionary, we begin with the sun standing still over Aijalon, pass through many interesting places an people and winding up with Ziggurat and Zophar. This mixture is topped off with eye-catching cartoon illustrations -- for instance, a buck-toothed donkey, a gluttonous pot-bellied pig, Eve with a pony-tail, and a morose oxen. Each entry in this dictionary uses the word in descriptive sentences aimed at the interests and abilities of elementary school students. Bible verses containing or talking about the word complete each definition.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602608924
256Pages / Publication Date: 20110401

Subject: JNF049010-JUVENILE NONFICTION / Religion / Biblical Studies,

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