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Simple Deceit

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Simple Deceit :  A Mennonite Community's Way of Life Is Threatened by Outsiders

Series: The Harmony Series  
Author: Nancy Mehl 

In the sequel to Simple Secrets, watch how a raging current of deceit runs through the once peaceful Mennonite community of Harmony, Kansas. As soon as Gracie decides to stay in town and take freelance work involving a local land developer, the townspeople blame her for bringing on this change that could ruin life as they know it. Gracie’s motives in romance with Sam, in helping an oppressed teenager, and in trying to make a living are all suddenly drawing suspicion. Should she leave or stay and fight for what she has come to love?

A lot goes on in this book and it's an enjoyable, well paced novel. I've read a lot of Christian fiction through the years and this is certainly one of the better ones. I enjoy the way it shows the love of God, less preachy, more simply being revealed throughout the book. Pleasant, joyful read.

The second book in the Harmony series has everything Mehl's fans could ask for: romance, mystery, and family secrets. The characters are well rounded without being weighed down with boring details. The small-town values are a big part of the story. Mehl is a wonderful author who writes from the heart and it is apparent throughout the book.

This book has a bit of everything! Romance, danger, abandoned baby, humor, murder, blizzards, and faith!! I enjoyed this book, being set in a quiet Mennonite Community in Kansas. I haven't read the first book in this series, but even though there were reference to the first book, I was able to read along. Throughout the book there seems to be on going fear to turn their problems over to God.

Once you start reading this book, it is hard to put down. You are drawn to the quiet KS town of Harmony....which sounds delightful! Most of the people here look out for one another! When something happens, even without phones, everyone seems to know about it!

I loved the way everyone gravitated to food...whether at Mary's or Sweeties...this book will make you hungry! I am now looking forward to the next book in this series...answers to questions! I would recommend this read to all!

This book has everything readers of Christian mysteries could want, and more. You'll find generous doses of drama, danger, humor, faith and love, plus fictional characters who seem like familiar friends. The blizzards that plague Harmony provide an ideal ambience for the writer's cozy, pleasing story-telling style. Each book I read in every series becomes my favorite.

I love this story with the mix of faith, mystery, and romance!

This is a fast paced story of faith,deceit,secrets,love and a communtiy.While this is a Christian it is not preachy but allow each to grasp their own faith.A wonderful sequel to "Simple Secrets".

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602607811
320Pages / Publication Date: 20101201
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: FIC042060-FICTION / Christian / Suspense,FIC027110-FICTION / Romance / Suspense

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