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A Celebration of the Simple Life



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A Celebration of the Simple Life  

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter 

Celebrate the beauty of simple living and experience new appreciation for a slower-paced, more enjoyable life. Featuring the original poetry of Wanda E. Brunstetter, bestselling author of Amish fiction, and paired with dozens of devotional readings, this unique package will bring delight and warmth to your spirit.

Brunstetter has written a beautiful devotional based on her relationship with the Amish/Plain People. This takes their simple way of life out of the fiction she usually writes to showing us how to step back and find God in a less busy, simple way that so characterizes the Amish.

In her newest devotional book “A Celebration Of The Simple Life” Ms. Brunstetter shares some of her experiences with her Amish friends along with some beautiful poetry , devotionals and prayers in a collection that should and will encourage most to live the Simple life. Along with some beautiful photography this is a book that will be read not just once but again and again

It does not matter what church or denomination that one belongs to we are all one in the eyes of God and this little book will be an inspiration to all. Life is hectic and we should all take note, sit back and relax and enjoy the Simple Life

Fantastic devotional read.

The fact the author incorporated Amish teachings and beliefs, was an added bonus for me. I will be using this book over and over. A great gift for anyone at holidays or birthdays.

This is a wonderful devotional that I know I'd love to own.

This is all completed with absolutely stunning photography that will simply take your breath away; I simply cannot emphasise enough how beautiful these pictures are

I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the Amish or loves reading novels about them or anyone who just wants to simplify their life. This would make the perfect gift or stocking filler as it isn't particularly large or expensive. I only wish I'd known about this when I was making my Christmas list!

This heartfelt book, filled with hope and promise, could only be improved by its protraction in the form of a daily devotional.

Wonderful little devotional book. This is definitely one to keep on the book shelf. As the title says its focus is on the simple way of life. A great reminder to slow down and savor the moments. We all get so swept away in the material world that is all around us today. Sometimes, refocusing helps widen our eyes to whats really important.

I personally found this to be a lovely and timely devotion,showcasing a beautiful group of Godly people and inspiring me to a simpler way of life myself.

This is a great gift book. Its colour is visually stunning. The arrangement of reflections is easy to follow. The soft reflection is comforting and warm. I find that this book is best read in a meditative, slow, and prayerful manner. The way to understanding Amish spirituality is through slow-paced, and an intentional focus on God as the Higher Authority in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Kudos to Wanda for an excellent collection of devotions.

Do not be deceived by the simplicity of the book. The best way to savour the book is not to rush through it, but to read it slowly. Good for individuals. Good for groups.

This book is a beautiful book that is full of devotions written by the author, Wanda E Brunstetter, best selling author of many Amish Fiction books. She chooses Bible verses that correspond as closely as possible to the devotions she writes. She includes prayers after every devotion as well. This would be a beautiful book to give to someone special in your life. The author even includes a place in the front of the book to write something special to that person.

There are so many uplifting things in this book. So many things I would love to have printed and hanging in different areas of my house. I am envious of the things that Wanda E. Brunstetter has written about in this book. I am intrigued of the simple life that the Amish lead and the great friendship that she has with them. The stories that she tells about their great faith is simply amazing. I want this book to lay on my coffee table so that when I am feeling a bit blah I can reach for it and read the uplifting stories that are in this great book!

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602607729
96Pages / Publication Date: 20101101
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Subject: REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional,

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