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The Complete Visual Bible

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The Complete Visual Bible  

Author: Stephen M. Miller 

“See” the Bible in a whole new way! Brand-new from bestselling author Stephen M. Miller, The Complete Visual Bible will enhance your biblical understanding through hundreds of compelling images. Highlights of all 66 biblical books are presented both in brief, easy-to-read text and in beautiful paintings, informative photographs, colorful maps, and other graphic features. Miller brings both his seminary and journalism training to the project, offering fresh insights for readers of any age or background. Part Bible storybook, part study Bible, and part coffee table picture book, The Complete Visual Bible promises an enriching reading experience.  For a complete index of the book, visit http://stephenmillerbooks.com/books/complete-visual-bible/.
Review:    I have already pre-ordered this book/ bible for my own collection. At first glace I was hooked... the visuals are striking, the maps are outstanding, and the ability to understand the bible book by book is amazing. This book goes through each book of the bible in order breaking down the information in simple terms and includes many colorful illustrations and cut outs focusing on certain parts of the text. Being a visual learner there are times when reading my current study bible that I find myself reading and re-reading just to help comprehension and make a visualization. Having this book as a reference to scan when I need a map or guide will make comprehension that much more complete. This book can be used as an atlas to help guide you on your journey, studying Gods word.

There are loads of questions that came to my mind when I read the Bible. And sometimes… I felt that it contradict one another… perhaps because my knowledge is not enough to understand it fully… that’s why I felt that way? I don’t know, but this ‘Complete Visual Bible’ by Stephen M. Miller helps answer some of my questions…it helps me ’see’ how objects described in the bible looks like and it certainly helps me understand the socio-politic and the socio-economy during the biblical times.

This bible is helpful for those who wants to understand the bible fully. I highly recommend this for use in the Sunday classes in church. 5 star for this bible. It’s very helpful.

The Complete Visual Bible by Stephen Miller is a cultural experience for the eyes and the heart that brings the stories of Scripture to life without having to travel to the Holy Land. Miller highlights the main points of all 66 books of the Bible with accessible language for all believers. The book is rich in photos, paintings, archaeological artifacts, and historical records from the cultures of Biblical times.

The Complete Visual Bible is an excellent resource to complement both church and personal Bible study. It would also be a good tool to teach older children, although it would need to be used with caution and supervision as some of the artwork and themes are not appropriate for children. This book is a compelling and thought provoking read that encourages the reader to dig deeper into cultural history in order to understand the perspective from which the biblical authors wrote and how it informs our understanding of Scripture today.

This book was absolutely breathtaking. The photos that Mr. Miller chose were completely awes-inspiring.

Let me explain to you the set up of this Bible. I have had Bibles in the past that have had pictures and drawings, but none as beautifully done as this Bible.

First, at the beginning of each book, you have a beautiful picture that represents the story portrayed in that particular book. Also on the picture is a verse that can be used to describe the picture.

Then you have the storyline which is a brief summation of the plot of that book. That is followed by the location, time period, and the author of the book. One thing that I found interesting was the timelines that are at the beginning of each book. There are two parts to the timeline. The top half of the timeline is the Biblical timeline. It shows the order in which the events in that book take place. The bottom half of the timeline is the secular timeline. These are events that are noted by historians and scientists. This shows how closely related the two timelines are and where they might differ.

On the rest of the pages of each book, you will find the regular verses that you have come to know and love. As well, you will find pictures related to some of the more important verses. There are tons of great maps detailing where all these events took place.

When I received this book, I only got the ebook version. I can’t wait until April 1st to buy it when it gets published. I know that this will be a Bible that you will want to hold dearly in your family for years to come. I know that these past few weeks, it has made my daily Bible studies much more interesting.

I have never seen anything quite like this before. I was amazed at the details. The charts of the plagues of Egypt , the photo depicting the tabernacle, the photo of the snakes of the desert; all intriguing and when the visual senses are engaged, a truer understanding of bible life and times will be found. I was a little concerned to see theological theories rather than doctrine but for the seeker this book is no dry well. I think that when we peak the interest of those not usually interested in the Bible, it leads them to dig deeper. This is a beautiful way to introduce the Bible to a non-believer.

This book was absolutely breathtaking. The photos that Mr. Miller chose were completely awes-inspiring.

When I received this book, I only got the ebook version. I can’t wait until April 1st to buy it when it gets published. I know that this will be a Bible that you will want to hold dearly in your family for years to come. I know that these past few weeks, it has made my daily Bible studies much more interesting.

What a wonderfully designed book to aid in Bible study. Organized for easy navigation to the desired book and chapter, The Complete Visual Bible offers a summary of the Biblical text with helpful charts, maps and photos. The visual learner will really appreciate the graphics used to inform and aid in the understanding of Biblical texts and time-lines.

The Complete Visual Bible makes a welcome addition to any library. If you’re looking for a quick introduction to the Bible for yourself or others, or if you’re looking for a coffee table book that is both informative and visually stunning then this book is for you. It is clear that Miller set out to make his book stand apart from the rest. One can tell that some great research was conducted during the writing of this book. The Complete Visual Bible by Stephen M. Miller is for everyone–believer and non-believer alike. I highly recommend this book for home libraries, church libraries, school libraries, and for use with youth groups and bible study groups. It truly is a beautiful introduction to the bible.

Part Bible storybook, part study Bible and part coffee table picture book, The Complete Visual Bibl is informative and entertaining, making the complex storylines of the Bible easy to understand...

Clarity is the strongest point in this book. The tables, the illustrations, photographs and beautiful graphics, this book is perhaps one of the best 'photo albums' of the Bible I have seen. The author needs to be commended for the massive amount of research and painstaking details to highlight the biblical text. It brings to life even the obscure parts of the Bible. For example, for those of us who think that certain books of the Bible is 'boring,' try reading that particular book with the Visual Bible. It will give the reader a refreshing read indeed.

This book is also strong in guiding the reader through the Bible. It excites me so much that I WANT to read the Bible more.
“The Complete Visual Bible” by Stephen M. Miller is a feast for the eyes. This visually stunning book offers quite a bit of information about Bible times, culture and references.

I was overcome by the rich and vibrant colors that stimulated my eyes as I perused this volume. The variety of information in “The Complete Visual Bible” makes it a good addition to your Bible study library. Especially for people who are visual learners, this book is truly an optical marvel.
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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602606883
544Pages / Publication Date: 20110401

Subject: REL006000-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General,

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