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Blown Away

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Blown Away  

Series: Hometown Mysteries  
Author: Nancy Mehl 


The more I read of Nancy Mehl, the more I want to read.

Ms. Mehl's characters are colorful, opinionated, and just like real life. I enjoy her work and I enjoyed this read.

Readers will enjoy catching up with Hilde Higgins, amateur sleuth and mortuary hairstylist, in the latest Curl Up and Dye Mystery. This light-hearted mystery mixes romance and suspense into an enjoyable, moderately paced story.

I loved Blown Away. What a wonderful, refreshing look at honest relationships among different age groups with social and financial backgrounds. I am definitely going to look for the other books by this author and read them all! This mysteries that seemed to find Hilde, and the way she figures them out, at every turn made it so easy to fall under her charm. Her Christian relationship with Adam, part time clown, was so refreshing to read and their honesty with each other is such a wonderful example to young couples. I also enjoyed the friendship she has with Gabe, Ida Mae, and the other boarders, it is a true friendship they hold.

Can you believe it? This story is written in first person - and I liked it!! I enjoyed the way the author put more information about the other characters into the story while still keeping it first person. The story wasn't so revolved around just one person, that I was able to get more into it. I felt Nancy described settings nicely and I could picture the small town of Eden in my mind. The characters were everyday ordinary people trying to do their jobs and volunteer work. I felt so bad for Adam though, that's what I call having a bad day, poor guy! Blown Away was a good mixture of Christian and mystery all wrapped in one!

...Mehl does a great job of getting the mystery out there and hooking you from the beginning then adding shenanigans throughout the rest of the book that keep you wanting more.

I really hope Nancy Keeps up with this series. I am really starting to love Hilde and her cooky neighbors and her mysterious, but uber smart neighbor across the street. I give Blown Away 5 bookmarks
I enjoy Barbour's Hometown Mysteries Series because they feature realistic characters living in the real world with grit and kindly Christian grace. The real bonus here is that Ms. Mehl is accomplished wordsmith and quite adept at plot and character development. When she spins a tale and sets a mood, every little detail enhances the reading experience.

I'm a sucker for positive storylines and exceptional writing. You'll find both, and more, in this latest Nancy Mehl series.

It is the humor that comes from the author herself that carries this book along. This reviewer found himself having to stop several times in order get over laughing fits of incidents, such as Hilde’s scrambling after her Gaither Homecoming light that fell out of her purse. Despite the unresolved portion of the book, the reader will love this “cozy” mystery and come away feeling lighthearted, ready to tackle the storms in her own life. A definite recommendation!

BLOWN AWAY is the newest cozy mystery by Nancy Mehl. Set in Wichita, Kansas, this first person cozy is just as fun as the other cozy mysteries you’ve come to expect from Barbour. Written with a touch of humor and a lot of realism, these stories will tickle your funny bone even while you try to solve the mystery before the heroine solves it.

Hilde is a realistic heroine, a bookworm, who is thoughtful, caring, and sweet. I couldn’t help but care for her as she struggled to prove Adam innocent before the police proved he was guilty. If you like to read cozy mysteries, you won’t want to miss.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602605701
256Pages / Publication Date: 20110201
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Subject: FIC042060-FICTION / Christian / Suspense,

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