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Quicknotes - Complete New Testament Commentary Set

Barbour Books


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Quicknotes - Complete New Testament Commentary Set  

Series: QuickNotes Commentaries  
Author: Mark Strauss 

Here’s an accessible reference that aids personal Bible study or Sunday school preparation: The user-friendly five-volume QuickNotes commentary set explains the entire New Testament! Designed for Christians of all ages and backgrounds, QuickNotes commentaries provide section-by-section explanation of the flow and theme of each biblical book, as well as historical and literary context for each. Major interpretations are presented for controversial passages and topics. Puzzling passages and Bible practices are explained, and charts and diagrams further aid the reader’s understanding. “Take Home” segments provide a practical application for each passage of scripture.

After reviewing Volumes 8-12 of the QuickNotes Simplified Bible Commentary Series, I found it to be very user-friendly for the layman who wants to explore the Bible. In my capacity as a Spiritual Coordinator of a Church, I often find that people are overwhelmed when they first pick up the Bible and don’t know where they should start reading. The QuickNotes series takes that problem away by demystifying the Bible in a simple way for the reader. This commentary presents the reader with a practical manual of spiritual development by thoroughly describing each book and adding sections of explanation such as critical observation, setting up the section, demystification and taking it home. Each section contains valuable insights and information to assist the reader with a better understanding of the Bible’s intent. I also really enjoyed the way that the editors set up each book by describing what was happening at the times outside of the religious teachings.
If you are thinking about studying the Bible and not sure where to start, I highly recommend the QuickNotes commentary series, which includes this 5-volume set, "The Complete New Testament Commentary Set" compiled by Lisa Harris.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602604797
1152Pages / Publication Date: 20091001

Subject: REL006070-RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / New Testament,

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