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The Big Book of Church Jokes

Barbour Books


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The Big Book of Church Jokes  

Author: Barbour Publishing 

Who couldn't use a good laugh these days? Well, here are hundreds of clean, good-natured jokes centered on that very important place we visit each week: church! The Big Book of Church Jokes is a brand-new collection, topically arranged into 20 sections relating to pastors, deacons, people in the pews, Sunday school, buildings and grounds, missionaries, the spiritual gifts, old-time church, weddings, funerals, heaven, and more. Plus, you'll love the quality Christian cartoons included. The Big Book of Church Jokes is perfect for personal reading enjoyment, or for sermon or speech preparation. It's a big book for a reasonable price--only $9.97!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602603868
368Pages / Publication Date: 20090601
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Subject: HUM011000-HUMOR / Topic / Marriage & Family,

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