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How Did We Get the Bible?

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How Did We Get the Bible?  

Author: Tracy M. Sumner 

You'll gain even more appreciation for your Bible when you see how God directed its development, from the original authors through today's translations. How Did We Get the Bible? provides an easy-to-read historical overview, covering the Holy Spirit's inspiration of the writers, the preservation of the documents, the compilation of the canon, and the efforts to bring the Bible to people in their own language. This fascinating story, populated by intriguing characters, will encourage you with God’s faithfulness - to His own Word, and to those of us who read it.

This remarkable little paperback is of a size to take in a purse or briefcase and ona trip. The print is good for reading without squinting. It covers the formation of both Old and New Testaments at an easily understood reading level.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602603639
160Pages / Publication Date: 20090201
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Subject: REL006000-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General,

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