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Cowgirl at Heart

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Cowgirl at Heart  

Series: The McCord Sisters  
Author: Christine Lynxwiler 

Welcome to the Ozarks, the setting of award-winning author Christine Lynxwiler’s latest breath-taking romance, where the lives of a timid dog whisperer and an out-for-revenge reporter collide. Elyse McCord, the biological daughter of a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, turns into a mighty warrior when a dog’s well-being is at stake. Finding herself in the sights of a pistol-wielding maniac whose been mistreating his dog, she’s suddenly swept to safety by Andrew Stone, a widower bent on hunting down his wife’s killers. Is there any future for an outlaw’s daughter and a Texas ranger’s son?

This completely compelling and suspenseful novel will leave you wanting more. Lynxwiler puts you in the middle of the action, where you're thoroughly engaged and where the scenes come to life. The dialogue and the plot run at a smooth pace as she cuts between the various stories of the McCord household. Fans will not be disappointed and new readers will want to read everything she's ever written.

I enjoyed Cowgirl at Heart immensely. There was plenty of romance, tension, action, and intrigue to keep my nose stuck in the book all night. It was nice to read about the lives of other McCord sisters Crystal (from The Reluctant Cowgirl) and Kaleigh, as their own stories continue. Lynxwiler creates a thrilling atmosphere with pursuers out to get Elyse, but keeps many tender moments alive throughout. I also like how Lynxwiler's books deal with tough life issues in a manner that makes the story come alive and feel very real. It makes me want to read more, more, more!

A captivating story with characters that stay with you long after you've put down the book. Characters that make it hard to wait for the next book in the series. Though this was the first book in the series I read, the story is written in such a way as to be complete in and of itself while integrating and moving forward the story lines that went before. Faith element: medium, well integrated. A grace-filled story of fear to faith.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602601512
320Pages / Publication Date: 20100201
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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