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The Reluctant Cowgirl

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The Reluctant Cowgirl  

Series: The McCord Sisters  
Author: Christine Lynxwiler 

Enjoy a front row seat as two reluctant lovers take center stage in award-winning author Christine Lynxwiler's latest riveting romance. New York actress Crystal McCord puts her career on hold to return home to Arkansas to help take care of her family's ranch. When she meets cowboy neighbor Jeremy Buchanan, sparks fly. But when Jeremy's never-before-mentioned family appears on the scene, he drops out of the picture. Will Crystal's country road home turn out to be a dead end? Is it time for a U-turn back to the Big Apple? Or will Jeremy manage to book her for an unlimited engagement?

Top Pick! This old-fashioned romance set in present-day Arkansas is the first book in Lynxwiler's fantastic new must-read McCord Sisters series. Crystal and Jeremy begin as friends, and their love develops over time. Be prepared to drop everything and settle down in a nice cozy place, because you will not want to leave Crystal and Jeremy until their story is told.

Romance author Lynxwiler (Along Came a Cowboy) tries to set up a city girl/country boy attraction of opposites in this tale of aspiring actress Crystal McCord, who flees New York for her parents' ranch in Arkansas after her urban cad of a boyfriend sleeps with her roommate. But since the city girl is from the country, there really isn't much fish-out-of-water tension, nor a lot of any othe kind of plot tension. The titular cowgirl isn't sufficiently reluctant around her handsome rancher neighbor Jeremy Buchanan, and a dark plot complication--a missing child--resolves itself rather quickly. Crystal's family history provides another wrinkle, and a smidgen of depth. Clever dialogue flows easily and wittily, almost screenplay-like, the best thing about this romance. Those who like their inspirational romance over easy will be happy to meet the McCord family, with enough siblings and backstories to kick off a series.

The longing Crystal has for home and family comes off the page as clearly as if they were your own. As she battles with her memories and longs for what she lost when she moved away, love unexpectedly creeps into her heart in the form of a neighborly cowboy. Jeremy is the epitome of what makes us all love a cowboy. He’s kindhearted, has a great work ethic, a heart of gold, and a heartache all his own that he bears silently. The twists and turns of the story make it a journey worth taking. This is truly a sweet, heart-warming story that makes you happy to share in the heartache and the joy. Definitely a page turner!

Heeding Sinatra’s advice, Crystal McCord left Arkansas to make it as an actress in New York City. In spite of good reviews for her acting, the play she is in making a Splash folds as the critics kill it. When she returns to her rent controlled apartment, Crystal finds her boyfriend Brad who missed her performance sleeping with her roommate Sasha. Since her family called for a meeting anyway, the Arkansas traveler decides to go home to her parents’ ranch to heal from the play’s closing and the betrayals.

When neighboring rancher Jeremy Buchanan and Crystal meet, sparks fly. She metaphorically considers him to be her potential leading man in this regional theater, but he has a history with her type. As they fall in love, both have decisions to make and stereotypes to overcome.

How you’re going to keep her down on the ranch after she’s seen New York is the underlying theme in this entertaining contemporary romance in which author Christine Lynxwiler avoids dissing either the location as tastes and desires matter. THE RELUCTANT COWGIRL is a fun tale due to the misconceptions of the lead couple re the other. With a strong supporting cast, readers will enjoy this light inspirational as the wannabe in the clouds actress and the grounded rancher fall in love. See ALONG CAME A COWBOY for an even deeper Arkansas character study.

What can I say? I've read Ms. Lynxwiler's books before and like them. That is part of the reason I chose this one. And...I like it. Easy enough to say. What did I like about it? Probably a lot of it had to do with the fact that I like just about anything to do with cowboys/cowgirls/country life. I like the friends-turn-boyfriend/girlfriend angle. I like the during-the-hard-times-you-lean-on-God story line. This book had all three. As an added bonus, the heroine has brothers and sisters, and it's book one. And that means...you guessed it...more books! Yay!

This story is about faithfulness, forgiveness, family, and friends. (Did I just alliterate? Comes from living with a former Bible college graduate.) Anyway...Crystal McCord and her twin dreamed of being on Broadway. When her twin is killed in a car wreck their senior year of high school, Crystal goes alone. For almost 7 years she worked hard to make it, but only had supporting roles in off-Broadway productions. Her current play closes at the same time her family needs help on the ranch so she goes back to visit. Her intentions of going right back to The Big Apple change when she is the only one able to stay and help.

Crystal has to face that maybe her dream isn't what she thought it was. When she re-discovers the faithfulness of God, she is able to recognize that fact.

Neighbor Jeremy Buchanan has his own troubles, but sacrifices his time to help out, also. His ex-wife has taken their daughter and he can't find her. When his situation looks like it is taking a turn for the worse, he has to learn about trust and forgiveness.

Crystal and Jeremy become friends and she helps him look for his daughter. Things seem to be going well, until Crystal has a call to try out for a part, a lead part, on Broadway. Will she stay or go? I can't tell you, you have to read for yourself. :) I will tell you this: I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

Overall, The Reluctant Cowgirl is a very humorous and heartwarming story of love, loss, redemption, and how God's always waiting for his lost children to come home. Lynxwiler definitely ended this mesmerizing story much too quickly.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602601505
288Pages / Publication Date: 20090401
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,FIC027020-FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

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