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Cowboy Christmas

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Cowboy Christmas  

Author: Mary Connealy 

Get ready for a fun and suspenseful Christmastime romance. Trouble follows singer Annette Talbot to Wyoming—and rancher Elijah Walker finds himself directly in its path. Though still wounded by the betrayal of his ex-fiancée, Elijah finds himself attracted to the secretive singer. When it appears Annie is a threat to his mother’s life, Elijah must decide if Annie’s deep faith and love of God is genuine or if it’s all just a ruse. He decides to trust her—until he discovers she’s a wanted woman. As Christmas draws near, will Elijah respond to God’s gentle persuasion to find the truth before he loses Annie forever?

How willing are you to pick up your cross DAILY and live for the Lord? Annette was willing to do this and then some! Lost in a world of what she thought was a great mission work, Annette soon learns that not everyone who says they are believers really are. With a tragic situation on hand, Annette finally chooses to escape her current situation and try to better herself. Little does Annette know, this is yet another cross to pick up and carry. This book has several tragic starts but has a heartwarming lesson about sticking to the faith and doing what is right. Annette solely leans on the Lord and brings a cowboy to a new found version of life with crosses. This was my first read by Mary Connealy. She is now on my list of authors to read more of!

COWBOY CHRISTMAS has one of the scariest pursuits from villains as I've ever seen in a Christian fiction novel. Connealy continually surprises me with her intensely graphic scenes. They blend so seamlessly with her incredibly tender moments that readers will find themselves feeling the gambit of emotions. Connealy's stories demand your complete attention until the last page is turned. A welcome book for the upcoming holiday season.

COWBOY CHRISTMAS is a book that grabs you from the first paragraph and never lets go. I was moved to tears by the end, and the journey of seeing Annette and Elijah make their way to one another is touching and sweet. Wonderful characters fill this book as well as some of the most evil villains you would ever want to be missed. If you love a good Western romance, this will not disappoint.

Through her humorous transitions and gentle pokes at gender differences, Mary Connealy keeps readers turning pages in an otherwise predictable plot. Some of the frustrations with each other that Annette and Elijah face are entertaining, but others may cause readers to pause and reflect on their own lives. Elijah’s struggle to trust Annette stands out, as does Annette’s battle to understand the Matthew 16:24 concept of bearing crosses for the Lord. Although this is a fairly typical cowboy romance, the plot twists will keep readers interested. Connealy’s writing style is amusing, and she offers a satisfying story. Lovers of historical romances will especially enjoy this book.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781602601451
304Pages / Publication Date: 20090901
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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