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True Courage

Oasis Audio


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True Courage :  Emboldened by God in a Disheartening World

Series: Bold Men of God  
Author: Steve Farrar 

Discover God’s remedy for fear. Fear has become a way of life. We fear for our finances, for an increasingly immoral culture, and for a nation that continues to shift away from godly principles. So it’s no wonder that in a world so uncertain, fear is the only constant. But there is a truth that offers profound courage to every believer who finds it: Even when things look out of control, they’re actually under control. God’s control. The life of the prophet Daniel holds a powerful profile in courage. Taken from his beloved country, stripped of his name, and thrown into a godless culture, Daniel faced a future that held little hope. Yet in every crisis, in every challenge, Daniel was able to live by what’s true, not by what’s seen. Popular author Steve Farrar examines the life and times of Daniel, a man who defied a king and altered the course of a nation. Drawing from the timeless story, Farrar shows how we can find the courage to rise above any circumstance or situation, all while trusting in a God who never abandons His children.

"Jim Sanders delivers Farrar’s work in a smooth, vibrant voice. Focusing on the first six chapters of the Book of Daniel from the Bible, Farrar exhorts listeners to have the audacity necessary to live the Christian life today. Sanders offers a deliberate  reading of this much-needed book. When the passage requires the listener to think, his pace slows, but when the passage requires action, Sanders's voice rises to the task. Overall, the listening experience is enjoyable, and the discussion is challenging."
T.D. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598598667
Publication Date: 20110401

Subject: REL012060-RELIGION / Christian Life / Men's Issues,

About The Author:

Steve Farrar is the founder and chairman of Men’s Leadership Ministries. A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, with a Master’s degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, he also has an earned a doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary. Steve authored the best-selling book, Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family and has since written fifteen other books. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, for Promise Keepers and at many other events nationwide. Steve and his wife, Mary, have three grown children and currently reside in suburban Dallas, Texas.

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