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Spine Chillers Mysteries 3-in-1

Oasis Audio


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Spine Chillers Mysteries 3-in-1  

Author: Fred E Katz 

Ready for a good scare?  Eerie encounters and strange phenomenon have the kids in these three SpineChillers Mysteries™ wondering when the chaos will end. These faith-based stories show that in the end, it’s all good fun and the characters discover that things aren’t always what they seem . . . but not before they are all chilled to the bone.
Dr. Shivers’ Carnival: A bizarre carnival mysteriously appears in a field overnight, and Kyle Conlon and three of his friends set out to investigate. When the carnival owner, Dr. Shivers, invites them to try all the amusements for free, they quickly realize that there’s nothing amusing about the games and rides at THIS carnival, and they just want out alive.
Attack of the Killer House: Anna Greger thinks her brother Jonny is playing a joke when his robot science project attacks her. But she knows something is terribly wrong when her hairdryer flies across the room and Jonny’s remote-control trucks chase them around the house. But a house can’t attack people. OR CAN IT?
Birthday Cake and I Scream: It’s MacKenzie’s twelfth birthday and his mom books the party at Creepy the Clown’s Pizza Palace. He and his friends enjoy playing their favorite video game . . . that is, until Creepy shows up with some games of his own. Soon, all MacKenzie and his friends want to win is a ticket out of there!

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598598018
Publication Date: 20100921

Subject: JUV033180-JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Mysteries & Detective Stories,

About The Author:

Fred Emil Katz, a Holocaust survivor via the Kindertransport, worked in factories for six years, served in the US Army, and had an academic career as a sociologist, which saw him teach at universities in three countries and author seven books.

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