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Inside the Nazi War Machine

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Inside the Nazi War Machine :  How Three Generals Unleashed Hitler's Blitzkrieg Upon the World

Author: Bevin Alexander 

In 1940, as Nazi Germany spread its wings of war, France stood secure in the knowledge that they possessed the largest, most formidable, and best equipped army in Europe. France also had a stalwart ally in Britain and the support of Holland and Belgium. But they were all about to face a new kind of enemy who fought a new kind of war. In this audio book, expert military strategist Bevin Alexander examines the groundbreaking martial concepts developed by three brilliant generals- Erwin Rommel, Erich von Manstein, and Heinz Guderian. Their plan was to unleash the power of the tank, grouping them into juggernauts that would slam into-and through-enemy lines, as aircraft supported them and ground forces swept in behind them. It was the Blitzkrieg. And it alerted the world that the deadly might of Germany could no longer be ignored...

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598597950
Publication Date: 20100907

Subject: HIS027100-HISTORY / Military / World War II,HIS014000-HISTORY / Europe / Germany,HIS027060-HISTORY / Military / Strategy

About The Author: Bevin Alexander is the author of ten books on military history, including How Wars Are Won and How
Hitler Could Have Won World War II
. He lives in Bremo Bluff, VA.

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