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The Gathering Storm

Oasis Audio


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The Gathering Storm  

Series: Zion Diaries  
Author: Bodie Thoene, Brock Thoene 

As Nazi forces tighten the noose, American-born Loralei Kepler, daughter of a missionary family, flees Brussels ahead of the Blitzkrieg. But is anywhere safe from Adolf Hitler’s evil grasp? Loralei’s harrowing flight leads her into the arms of needy child refugees, who have sacrificed everything in exchange for their lives, and toward a mysterious figure, who closely guards an age-old secret.Explore the romance, the passion, and the danger of the most anticipated series of the last 20 years. Born from highly acclaimed and best-loved novels—The Zion Covenant series and The Zion Chronicles series—Zion Diaries ventures into the lives of the inspiring and intriguing characters who loved intensely, stood up for what was right, and fought boldly during Hitler’s rise to power and the dark days of World War II.


Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598597738
Publication Date: 20100920

Subject: FIC042030-FICTION / Christian / Historical,

About The Author:

Bodie and Brock Thoene are award-winning authors with more than 50 titles in print and 20 million copies sold. Their numerous books, including the Zion Covenant, Zion Chronicles, and new Zion Memoirs series, have touched the lives of countless readers with stories of God’s power, mercy, and faithfulness.

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