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What the Bible Says About The Future

Oasis Audio


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What the Bible Says About The Future  

Series: What The Bible Says  
Author: Oasis Audio 

The future is the great unknown. While we may think we have a pretty good idea about what might happen in certain situations, such as when two sports teams play and one is heavily favored over the other, we can’t be sure—upsets occur—that’s why they play the game. Many future scenarios are much more serious, of course, and can produce nervousness, stress, or fear. We might wonder, for example, about world events that seem totally out of our control, including the economy, weather, and war. Or our concerns about helplessness could be much more personal: a biopsy report, a job interview, a promising relationship, a trip into a dangerous area. The Bible has much to say about the future and how we approach it. We know very little about what will happen next, and we certainly have virtually no control over future events—but God does. So consulting God’s Word on this topic makes a lot of sense. This CD will help you understand what the Bible says about the future and how to face it. The first truth we discover is that God is in control.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598596892
Publication Date: 20100201

Subject: REL012070-RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth,

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