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Hero of the Pacific

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Hero of the Pacific :  The Life of Marine Legend John Basilone

Author: James Brady 

Can a single night define a man's life?  From the summer of 1943 to early 1945, John Basilone was one of the most famous and admired people in America. As the first enlisted man to be awarded the Medal of Honor in World War II, for extraordinary bravery under fire at Guadalcanal, he toured the nation with movie stars, shared podiums with mayors and governors, shook the hands of thousands of citizens, and was even rumored to have made a romantic connection with a beautiful young actress. Why would a man who had proven his courage beyond any doubt, who had gone above and beyond the call of duty, and was reaping the rewards of his sacrifice beg his commanding officers to break with tradition and send a Medal of Honor winner back into combat? Legendary columnist James Brady explores this and many other puzzling questions in this thrilling and surprising biography. Hero of the Pacific tells the dramatic and compelling life story of a small-town boy who became one of World War II’s greatest and best-known heroes, only to be forgotten after his death during another famous and hellish battle on Iwo Jima. You may never have heard of John Basilone, but once you listen to this powerful tale, you’ll never forget him.
"Sergeant John Basilone and his fellow Marines held off a Japanese night attack on Guadalcanal during the Americans' first clash with the fierce Imperial foot soldiers during WWII. Badly outnumbered, the men killed hundreds of the Japanese with heroism and firepower, resulting in Basilone being awarded the Medal of Honor. The late James Brady, a Marine lieutenant himself in the Korean War, examines the life and legends of this humble and famous Marine. Narrator Grover Gardner makes this account of leadership and heroism most enjoyable with his seemingly innate ability to render the written word into an engaging audio narrative. Gardner knows the foreign vocabulary of the Pacific theater, making himself a credible surrogate for the author as he commemorates a brave comrade he never knew." 
J.A.H. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598595970
Publication Date: 20100107

Subject: BIO008000-BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Military,HIS027100-HISTORY / Military / World War II

About The Author:

The late James Brady commanded a Marine rifle platoon during the Korean War and was awarded a Bronze Star for valor. For more than two decades, he wrote the “In Step With” column for Parade. He also wrote a column for Forbes.com. He authored eighteen books, among them several on the Marines, including the nonfiction Why Marines Fight and the New York Times best-selling novel The Marines of Autumn.

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