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Gimme My Money Back

Oasis Audio


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Gimme My Money Back :  Your Guide to Beating the Financial Crisis

Author: Ali Velshi 

One way or another, you lost money as a direct result of the financial crisis. Now you have to start making it back, and you can do that by listening to this audiobook.  This audiobook shows how the markets work and how to be involved, how to calculate personal risk tolerance based on personality, goals, age and years from retirement, how to avoid losing money, and how to use mutual funds, index funds, stocks, ETF’s, bonds, and other investment vehicles to speed up listeners’ own personal recovery. Includes model portfolios to get you started right away.  Written by CNN Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi using his trademark user-friendly voice, Gimme My Money Back is a straightforward guide to understanding how we got into the mess we’re in, with concrete, simple, proven steps to get you out of it.
"This helpful book promises to help listeners earn back recent financial losses due to the economic meltdown that has befallen the nation-- or just to improve their  economic status in general. The author, CNN’s chief business correspondent,  narrates his own work. The information is top-notch, and the presentation is  professional. Velshi gets his point across in a clear-cut manner without sounding overly assertive. Most importantly, the material is laid out in a way that makes it  accessible to listeners. Velshi's voice is powerful and honest, and, despite his extensive knowledge of the economy, he never comes off as condescending or unsympathetic." 
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Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598595673
Publication Date: 20090114

Subject: BUS050020-BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Investing,

About The Author:

Ali Velshi is CNN's chief business correspondent and host of Your $$$$$, CNN's weekend business roundtable program, as well as a regular contributor and anchor for Issue #1, the network’s in-depth coverage initiative on the single issue that matters most to CNN's audience. Velshi also hosts The Ali Velshi Show, a weekly call-in radio program on both CNN Radio and CNN.com Live, and fields viewer calls three times a week for the "Help Line" segment for Headline Prime on Headline News. Online users can also listen to Velshi's podcast, "The Ali V Podcast," available at www.CNN.com/podcasting and on iTunes.

Based in New York, Velshi has covered the U.S. government's bailout plan, the financial collapses of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and Lehman Brothers, and Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, reporting on the impact of the storms on oil refineries. He covered the Enron story at every step since it hit the national spotlight in 2001, including the guilty verdicts of Enron Corp.'s founder Kenneth Lay and former chief executive Jeffrey Skilling on conspiracy and fraud charges. He reported live from Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., as the company announced the layoff of 30,000 workers. He was reporting live from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico amid evacuation calls for Hurricane Katrina.

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