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God Built

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God Built :  Shaped by God...in the Bad and Good of Life

Series: Bold Men of God  
Author: Steve Farrar 

There is a process by which God builds a bold man, and it is seen in the life of Joseph.  In this process, God will work providentially, in every detail of the man's life.  He will work strangely, therefore much of what God is doing won't make sense.  And he will work slowly, frustrating the man who is in a hurry to succeed immediately.
"Jim Sanders recounts the story of Joseph with authenticity. The story illustrates that bold and passionate men of God are not born that way but shaped by God through trying circumstances. Sanders deftly captures the spirit of jealousy that Joseph's brothers feel because of their father's favoritism toward their youngest brother. Sanders matches voice to mood in describing Joseph’s dreams in which his brothers bow down to him and the brothers’ outrage, which leads to the plot to kill him. With crisp diction, Sanders depicts the spiritual testing Joseph experiences, which reveal why God has allowed such circumstances in his life. Sanders’s effortless narration explains the author's belief that men like Joseph are created by God and not by their own experiences."
G.D.W. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598594355
Publication Date: 20080828

Subject: REL012060-RELIGION / Christian Life / Men's Issues,

About The Author:

For over twenty five years, Steve Farrar’s mission has been to equip men to become spiritual leaders of their families and churches. He is the founder of Men’s Leadership Ministries, and has conducted over 600 men’s conferences in churches and conference centers across North America. He teaches a weekly Men’s Bible study in Dallas that is attended by several hundred men and continually updated on-line. Steve’s conference schedule continues to take him across the United States and Canada.  For information on bringing Steve to your city, click here.

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