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Author: Matt Bronleewe 

August Adams has failed his family before. He's sacrificed relationships in pursuit of adventure, fame, and money. Now the very lives of those he loves depend on his ability to decipher a centuries-old puzzle encrypted in the colorful hand-painted illuminations that adorn three rare Gutenberg Bibles. It's a secret that could yield unimaginable wealth, undermine two major religions, and change the course of Western civilization. Two ruthless, ancient organizations are willing to do anything to get their hands on it. And August has the span of one transatlantic flight to figure it out. If he fails, those he holds most dear will die. If he succeeds, he'll destroy a national treasure. The clock ticks, the suspense mounts, and the body count rises as August pits his knowledge and his love for his family against the clock, secret societies, and even Johannes Gutenberg himself.
“ . . . this rare breed of suspense thriller combines mysterious hidden clues, secret societies, buried treasure, double agents, and the Knights Templar . . . if you turned National Treasure into international treasure, traded Da Vinci codes for Gutenberg Bibles, married it to Indiana Jones, and added the pacing of 24 you’d be in the neighborhood of Illuminated . . . on a scale of one to 10, this one goes to 11.” 
—Aspiring Retail Magazine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598592870
Publication Date: 20070706
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: FIC042000-FICTION / Christian / General,

About The Author:

Matt Bronleewe is a record producer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. He was a founding member of the band Jars of Clay, and has worked with Grammy-award-winning artists including Michael W. Smith and Rebecca St. James, as well as multiplatinum-selling international artists such as Natalie Imbruglia. He and his wife, Karin, have three children, George, Cole, and Grace.

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