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Understanding Islam

Oasis Audio


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Understanding Islam  

Author: Nabeel Jabbour 

Nabeel Jabbour has excellent credentials: He's a native of Syria, a resident of Egypt for fifteen years, a possessor of advanced theological degrees, and the author of a book on Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt. In this lecture, Jabbour outlines the tenets of Islam, addressing the issues of compassion and understanding between faiths. He attempts to answer the questions, "What do Muslim people believe?" "Is Islam evil?" and "Why is America a lightning rod for the anger of many Muslim fundamentalists?" Jabbour makes distinctions between the Muslim people and the Islamic sect of fanaticism.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598592276
Publication Date: 20070615
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Subject: REL037000-RELIGION / Islam / General,

About The Author:

Dr. Jabbour was born in Syria, grew up in Lebanon and he earned his BA and MA in Beirut Lebanon. He taught at Haigazian University Psychology and History of Civilizations until 1972 when he became full time with the Navigators. He moved with his family to Cairo Egypt as a missionary with the Navigators. He earned a Doctorate in Islamics and has written several books including the Rumbling Volcano on Middle Eastern Fundamentalism. He lives in Colorado Springs and travels to many countries in the world.

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