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Chasing Fireflies

Oasis Audio


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Chasing Fireflies  

Author: Charles Martin 

“Never settle for less than the truth,” she told him. But when you don’t even know your real name, the truth gets a little complicated. It can nestle so close to home it’s hard to see. It can even flourish inside a lie. And as Chase Walker discovered, learning the truth about who you are can be as elusive—and as magical—as chasing fireflies on a summer night. A haunting audio about fishing, baseball, home cooking, and other matters of life and death. Review:   

"Andrew Peterson's mellow vocal personality enhances his narration of this warm drama, complete with a well-performed multiplicity of quirky characters. The story centers around Snoot, a mute autistic boy whose mother kicked him out of the car just before she committed suicide by running it into a train. Peterson uses vocal sounds and descriptions of hand gestures to portray Snoot's high intelligence—he plays chess—and artistic ability. His depiction of Chase Walker, a news reporter who is intrigued by Snoot's unfolding story, is performed with empathy and sensitivity. As the emotional pitch ratchets up with the plot, Peterson perfectly renders a believable story the listener won't soon forget." 
G.D.W. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598592221
Publication Date: 20070525

Subject: FIC042000-FICTION / Christian / General,

About The Author: Charles Martin's novels have been acclaimed by reviewers and readers alike. He lives a stone’s throw from the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife and their 3 boys.

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