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The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Golf Rules and Etiquette

Oasis Audio


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The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Golf Rules and Etiquette  

Series: Pocket Idiot Guides  
Author: Jim Corbett 

You're no idiot, of course.  You know all golfers should follow the rules and play nice with others.  But sometimes you get so focused on your game that you leave your manners - and your rulebook - in the clubhouse... The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Golf Rules and Etiquette will help you master the finer points of golf culture.  In this Pocket Idiot's Guide, you get:
An overview of complex rules that govern a round of golf.
Clear explanations of links etiquette that every golfer should know.
Down-to-earth advice on dressing properly and loading your golf bag correctly.
Tips on repairing ball marks, dealing with lost balls, and recovering from golfing gaffes.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781598592191
Publication Date: 20070420
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Subject: SPO016000-SPORTS & RECREATION / Golf,

About The Author:

Jim Corbett is the creator and developer of the popular website, "Mr. Golf Etiquette" and an advice columnist in Golf Digest, Golf Journal, and several other magazines and newspapers around the country.  Jim is also a "Golf Guy" from Golf Guys Radio and he co-authored The Golf Book for Kids.  Jim is president of a nonprofit organization, Keepers of the Game (www.keepersofthegame.org) which is devoted to maintaining the traditional values of the game of golf.

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