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Beloved Castaway

Barbour Books


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Beloved Castaway  

Author: Kathleen Y'Barbo 

Isabelle Gayarre, fleeing a life of servitude, refuses to be owned by anyone, yet soon finds her heart in danger of being possessed by the godless Captain Josiah Carter. Can Isabelle trust him to help her escape without losing her heart? Josiah Carter, running from demons of his own, is stirred by the presence of the beautiful woman seeking refuge on his ship. Realizing that a runaway slave can never be his, legally or otherwise, a storm begins to brew within. Will their love ever reach a safe haven, or is it doomed to wreck upon the jagged reefs of the Fairweather Keys?

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781597895934
304Pages / Publication Date: 20071101
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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