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500 Questions & Answers from the Bible

Barbour Books


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500 Questions & Answers from the Bible  

Author:  Mark Fackler 

For inquisitive readers of any age-adults and students alike-here's a book to shed light on the Bible's great questions. Where did the scripture come from? What is God really like? What do some of those confusing Bible passages really mean? More than 400 questions are answered in user-friendly language, based on sound Christian doctrine. Arranged in canonical order, 500 Questions & Answers from the Bible is an excellent resource for regular Bible study. Its open design presents a wealth of information in an appealing, accessible format-and it's fully illustrated in color!
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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781597894739
256Pages / Publication Date: 20061001

Subject: REL006000-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General,

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