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Larkspur Dreams

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Larkspur Dreams  

Author: Anita Higman, Janice Hanna 

Larkspur Wendell hates to see anyone not enjoying life. So when she gets a new neighbor who seems more interested in his computer than in communication, Lark feels compelled to get to know him. But her spontaneity and zeal for life seems to push him further away. Everett Holden moved to a small town to work in peace and quiet. Now with a neighbor like Lark, he'll be lucky to get anything done. There is something attractive about her. . . but being around her brings up fears and hurts that that he put away long ago. Will Everett ever be able to put the past to rest? Will he let Lark bring him out of his shell and into true love?
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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781597893879
176Pages / Publication Date: 20070207
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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