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Every Thought Captive

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Every Thought Captive :  Battling the Toxic Belief that Separates Us From the Life We Crave

Author: Jerusha Clark 

What's on your mind today? Your significant other, or your lack thereof? The flippant comment someone made? Your image in the mirror or someone else's recent weight loss? Are you wondering what tomorrow will look like, or why yesterday turned out the way it did? // As thoughts like these float through our minds, we often allow ourselves to believe poisonous lies like: // 'I'm not good enough;' // 'What others think about me defines who I am;' // 'I am what I accomplish.' // These thoughts, and others like them, hijack our minds and separate us from the life Jesus died to give us. Christ declares, "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). In order to be set free from the devastating misconceptions that infiltrate our thinking, we must know and live out the truth. Grabbing hold of the life we crave starts with taking our minds captive to what is true. // In Every Thought Captive, Jerusha Clark explores the deepest recesses of the feminine mind and examines the sources of our insecurities, unholy desires, and anxieties. Drawing from other women's and her own experiences, Clark shares insights from God's Word that provide a road map to victory over toxic beliefs.

Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781596443488
Publication Date: 20060301

Subject: REL012130-RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues,

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