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Lotus and the Cross

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Lotus and the Cross :  Jesus Talks with Buddha

Author: Ravi Zacharias 

Step into a Long-Tail Boat on the River of Kings and become immersed in an imaginary conversation between Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. Both talked about the "self", but one denied it even existed. Both felt the pain of human suffering, but each had radically different responses to it. Both addressed our deepest hungers, but one saw them as an impediment, the other as a clue. Both have earned a worldwide following - but their answers are words apart.Jesus and Buddha agreed that Truth could withstand scrutiny. Listen in as the Soul of Truth speaks with the Heart of Compassion. It could change your life.

Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781596442405
Publication Date: 20050801

Subject: REL067000-RELIGION / Christian Theology / General,

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