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On Christian Doctrine

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On Christian Doctrine  

Author: Saint Augustine 

“There are certain rules for the interpretation of Scripture which I think might with great advantage be taught to earnest students of the word, that they may profit not only from reading the works of others who have laid open the secrets of the sacred writings, but also from themselves opening such secrets to others. These rules I propose to teach to those who are able and willing to learn.” With these words Saint Augustine (354-430 AD) began one of the finest theological treatments ever written on reading and interpreting Holy Scripture. Pastors, monks, and educated laypersons cherished De Doctrina Christiana from the time Augustine wrote it through the Middle Ages. Today, if this wonderful little book is less well-known, it nevertheless remains as insightful as ever.

Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781596440029
Publication Date: 20061101

Subject: REL067110-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Systematic,

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