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Restoring Broken Things

Oasis Audio


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Restoring Broken Things  

Author: Steven Curtis Chapman, Scotty Smith 

A fresh start is waiting for you!  Did you know that in Heaven’s eyes, you’re already involved in the most powerful plot of all? Jesus has come to set you free! Not simply to parole you, but to liberate you to love as He loves, and to love what He loves. But you have a choice to join the permanent cast in God’s unfolding drama . . . or not. If you say yes, the fresh winds of purpose and healing and authenticity await you. So does a fresh start. Don’t expect to stay behind the scenes, though. God’s Epic will feature you in a panoramic redemption—where everything in your life that has been broken or simply isn’t right gets made new. If you’re up for it, then go ahead and rip open this cover . . . and let your restoration begin. You’ll see for yourself, and through the eyes of musician Steven Curtis Chapman and Pastor Scotty Smith, how a fresh experience with God spans the distance between your pain and your healing, between your heart and your head, between the yawn of grace and the awe of grace—in your relationships, your church, your world, your worship.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781589268432
Publication Date: 20060201
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: REL012010-RELIGION / Christian Life / Death, Grief, Bereavement,

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