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The Complete Idiot's Guide To Managing Your Money

Oasis Audio


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The Complete Idiot's Guide To Managing Your Money  

Series: Complete Idiot's Guides  
Author: Robert K Heady, Christy Heady 

You're no idiot, of course.  You know how to write a check, make a deposit, and read a monthly statement.  With financial markets in flux and many Americans mired in debt, you're looking for better ways to manage your money, but learning the financial ropes is testing the limits of your time and patience.  Save your money and your life!  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money, Third Edition, is written by two experts who know the world of saving, investing, and credit inside and out.  You'll learn savvy strategies to fatten your wallet and cut your costs from credit cards, mortgages, car-buying, and checking.  Learn how to stay on top of your expenses, create a personal financial plan, get the best deal on a checking account, strengthen your credit report, cut credit card costs in half, get the best deal on a mortgage, recognize "get-out-of-debt" loan scams, avoid outrageously high bank fees, find recession-proof stocks and mutual funds, and earn the top yield on your cash.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781589268234
Publication Date: 20041230
Not available, replaced by POD

Subject: BUS050030-BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Money Management,

About The Author:

Robert K. Heady and his daughter Christy Heady are a team of financial journalists who write nationally syndicated columns and are interviewed regularly for magazines and television.

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