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My Big Fat Greek Diet

Oasis Audio


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My Big Fat Greek Diet :  How a 467 Pound Physician Hit His Ideal Weight and You Can Too

Author: Nick Yphantides  

How a 467-Pound Physician Hit His Ideal Weight and How You Can Too! Dr. Nick shares the amazing eating plan that helped him shed 267 pounds and keep them off. As a medical doctor who has personally struggled with his weight, Dr. Nick Yphantides can empathize with the plight of the overweight and offer a proven, medically safe plan for losing weight. In My Big Fat Greek Diet, he teaches listeners the powerful 7 Pillars of Weight Loss. His program features practical how-tos anyone can apply, whether they need to lose 10 or 300 pounds. Analyzing components of a variety of well-known diets, Dr. Nick assists listeners in customizing a weight-loss program that will handle their specific needs and fit their lifestyles.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781589267183
Publication Date: 20041230
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Subject: HEA006000-HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Diets,

About The Author:

The son of a Greek immigrant, Dr. Nick was known in San Diego as a big man with a big heart. Topping out at 467 pounds, he was a thirty-something, larger-than-life advocate for the poor who seemed like a jolly fat man. But when a battle with cancer inspired him to focus on his own health, he embarked on a lifestyle change that would drop him to a svelte 200 pounds. His book will inspire and equip readers to design their own weight-loss program around an odyssey that makes their heart sing and allows them to experience their own weight-loss miracle!

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