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Warrior in Pink

Discovery House


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Warrior in Pink :  A Story of Cancer, Community, and the God Who Comforts

Author: Vivian Mabuni 

“I managed to make my way to the car through blurry, tear-filled vision. Inside the car I tried to calm down by looking out the window as cars drove by. Everyone was going somewhere. And I sat and watched. My life had suddenly come to a standstill.”

When young mother Vivian Mabuni was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before Christmas, she struggled to know how to respond. How do you tell your children you have cancer? How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for your family’s support? And how do you continue to trust God? Through her battle, cancer patients, family, and friends will find perspective, hope, and an honest look at what it is like to be diagnosed with and treated for cancer—as well as encouragement to know that God is present in our pain.

Warrior in Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community, and a God Who Comforts:
·        provides an honest look at what it is like to be diagnosed with and treated for cancer
·        includes ways to encourage yourself and others
·        shows you how to invite God into your pain
"When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she is thrust into a foreign world. Most, like me, look for information that will help them navigate their new reality. Warrior in Pink is just the book I wish I'd been able to find. Vivian Mabuni writes with transparency, warmth, and depth, and I believe all who read her special insights will be blessed and encouraged."

"Books about journeying through cancer are plentiful, but Warrior in Pink is different. Vivian Mabuni's honesty and faith are refreshing and uplifting. Highly recommended!"

“Whether you are a cancer sufferer, a survivor, or someone whose world has been devastated by the cancer of another, Warrior in Pink will convince you that you’re not alone. Vivian Mabuni tells her story in honest and helpful detail, guiding us through her learnings and revealing her discoveries of God’s provision within her pain. Here’s a hopeful tale for all who’ve spent any time in the waiting room of cancer.”

Warrior in Pink is a must read for anyone battling cancer, or those deeply connected to those who face that scary diagnosis. Real, raw, and chock-full of God’s outrageous grace, Vivian Mabuni humanizes a difficult journey. Her story will inspire you.”

“This personal look at Vivian Mabuni’s journey through cancer explores how God prepares us, takes care of us, and grows us through life’s difficult moments and seasons. Let this book inspire you as you journey with Vivian to discover God’s love through family and the body of Christ.”

"Warrior in Pink is not just a book for those whose lives have been touched by cancer; it is an inspiring story that will encourage any and all readers to stand firm in faith through whatever struggles they are experiencing. Vivian Mabuni writes with grace, vulnerability, and an observant eye that recognizes God's presence each step of the way in her battle with cancer. And as we journey together with Vivian through her story, we are reminded anew of the importance of facing our challenges in community rather than in isolation. I highly recommend this book!"

"There’s nothing quite like a cancer diagnosis to hurl a person into a deeper quest to understand and trust God. That happened to Vivian Mabuni. In Warrior in Pink, she invites us behind the scenes to enter that battle against breast cancer with her and to discover with her the power of friendship and the strength God gives His ezer-warriors, no matter what color they’re wearing."

"Vivian Mabuni's story is captivating and an essential read in that every one of us will be or already has been touched by cancer. Her strength, honesty, and hope give us the tools and tenacity we need to walk through cancer (as the friend, the family, or the patient). In the midst of pain and fear Vivian brings us to hope and thanksgiving and a deeper walk with the God she loves. I highly recommend this book to anyone wondering what comes next when life hands you a diagnosis you had not planned. Vivian's words heal. Thank you, Vivian!"

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572938427
192Pages / Publication Date: 20140401

Subject: REL012130-RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues,

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