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Discovery House Bible Atlas

Discovery House


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Discovery House Bible Atlas  

Author: John A. Beck 

With scores of full-color maps, photographs, detailed commentary, and much more, the Discovery House Bible Atlas helps you grasp the vital connection between the land of the Bible and the teachings and events of Scripture. Covering the full sweep of the Holy Land--the Coastal Plain, the Central Mountain Range, the Jordan Valley, and the Transjordan Plateau--this fascinating volume provides big-picture and on-site views that bring new vibrancy and meaning to God’s Word. From little-known cities to famous landmarks, you’ll learn the significance of these locations and why, even today, they are relevant to your relationship with the Lord.
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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572938014
352Pages / Publication Date: 20150201

Subject: REL006650-RELIGION / Biblical Reference / Atlases,

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