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Despite Doubt

Discovery House


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Despite Doubt :  Embracing a Confident Faith

Author: Michael E. Wittmer 

Many Christians struggle with the concept of walking by faith, especially in a world that says faith is all about taking risks—leaping into uncharted territory and expecting everything to be okay. In Despite Doubt, Michael E. Wittmer reexamines this popular viewpoint and encourages readers to get a clear understanding of their assurance in God and salvation. Readers will examine the flip side of doubt that opens the door to questions, answers, and knowledge about securing their trust in God. Helping readers to discover how to embrace a confident faith, Despite Doubt includes questions for reflection and discussion and is a perfect resource for small group study.
"Mike Wittmer is to systematic theology what Carl Trueman is to historical theology: witty and full of (edifying) verve."

"Everybody doubts. Christians doubt. Atheists doubt. Scholars doubt; students doubt. Your pastor doubts and you doubt. Michael Wittmer takes this common phenomenon and shows us how our doubts can enrich our faith."

"If you’ve ever struggled with doubts about God, the Bible, or the reality of your personal faith (and who hasn’t?), this book is for you. Michael Wittmer fearlessly addresses these issues head-on, providing careful, honest, and gracious answers that make sense and give the reader a framework for a more confident and grounded faith."

"Michael Wittmer brilliantly helped me discover that while there is nothing wrong with doubt, there is everything right with faith. As I read from one chapter to the next, I found myself caught up in the undeniably profound wonders of the fully trustworthy God of the Bible. I 'of little faith'  realized my puny faith is okay, yet I will get to watch it grow as I daily experience the powerhouse truths of God's Word."

"I know from my own spiritual journey that misunderstanding doubt will trip you up. This is why I am happy to encourage you to read and digest Mike Wittmer’s very helpful Despite Doubt. He addresses the doubts of the mind and the heart and shows how they can coexist with robust faith. This book will greatly assist the conscientious Christian for whom honest wonderings can feel like unbelief. Let Wittmer lead you through your doubts to authentic belief."

"Rather than rebuke or discourage readers, Michael Wittmer has supplied them with help to realize they have ample reasons to believe the claims of Christ. Written in clear, non-technical terms and a conversational style, this book should dispel the doubts of many and strengthen the faith of those who already believe. It deserves careful attention from all who wrestle with problems of doubt."

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572937956
192Pages / Publication Date: 20131001

Subject: REL012000-RELIGION / Christian Life / General,

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