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The Sweet Side of Suffering

Discovery House


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The Sweet Side of Suffering :  Recognizing God's Best When Facing Life's Worst

Author: M. Esther Lovejoy 

Suffering is often a reality people don’t choose. However, they do have a choice in how to respond to it. In The Sweet Side of Suffering, author M. Esther Lovejoy explores the character of God to help readers find a response that sweetens the bitter waters of suffering. This engaging book is written in a narrative voice, sharing biblical truths and practical insights from the author’s personal experiences. Readers can find a message of hope and encouragement as they discover a fresh perspective on strengthening their relationship with God and renewing their confidence in knowing that He is always there.
"Those who see the 'sweet' side of suffering are usually believers who have learned to lean hard on the grace of Jesus through every hurt and heartache. It's a good description for Esther Lovejoy as she opens her heart in The Sweet Side of Suffering. Congratulations, Esther, on compliling stirring insights from God's Word that will bless and inspire the reader."

"Esther Lovejoy wisely concludes that even in our deepest valleys, we may know the strength and intimacy that God affords us through the ministry of His precious Word. Her book is to be commended no only because it is born out of her work as a teacher and counselor but expecially as a fellow traveler through the vale of tears and seasons of questions. There is a compassion, hope, and encouragement in these pages for the reader."

"Esther's experience of suffering not only takes you to Calvary, it takes you through Calvary into the closest communion with Christ, our Wounded Healer. Her testimony of personal suffering gives liberty for those in pain to allow their grief to carry them into the presence of the Lord and to experience Him in the deepest way."

"Engaging and inspiring, this book provides hope for those who otherwise are hopeless. The author, who herself has experienced much disappointment and pain, has a wonderful narrative style that allows her to communicate what can be gained by biblically informed understanding of suffering in a deeply insightful yet practical way. Read this book. It is time and effort well spent. Your experience of suffering will not be the same."

Esther Lovejoy speaks from the crucible of her own deep experiences. She has suffered, and she found what she calls 'the sweet side of suffering' when she fellowshipped with the Savior in the Garden alone. Her message in this book is a helpful one for all of us who find ourselves in the midst of the dark places."

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572937451
160Pages / Publication Date: 20130201

Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

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