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You Are The Treasure That I Seek

Discovery House


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You Are The Treasure That I Seek :  But There's a Lot Of Cool Stuff Out There, Lord

Author: Greg Dutcher 

With honesty, humor, and compassion, author Greg Dutcher addresses a contemporary problem that most Christians aren’t even aware of: idolatry. He reminds his readers that there is a battle to be fought, and what is at stake is our lives, the lives of others, and, most importantly, the reputation of Christ Himself. With winsome anecdotes, references to modern culture, biblical references, and nods to respected theologians such as Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, and C. S. Lewis, Dutcher makes us aware of the problem, helps us isolate it, and then gives us the weapons to contain it. Study questions at the end of each chapter make this a great individual or group Bible study.

"This book first frightens, then entrances, then liberates. It frightens as it lays bare the hidden idols of the heart. It entrances with the promise of a treasure worth more than all our idols put together. And ultimately, it liberates with a vision of Christ so complelling and so powerful that the reader says, "O Lord, set me free and I will be free indeed." It's easy to make people feel guilty about their idols. Greg Dutcher inspires us to set aside our trinkets in pursuit of the Ultimate Treasure."

"The first two commandments and the cautionary history of ancient Israel should set our hearts at their highest level of alert against idolatry. Perhaps we are more sophisticated than our forefathers who made wood and stone images of their gods--but ours are no less deadly for being invisible. We need to drag them out into the light and smash them to peices in repentance. Greg Dutcher's book serves as a set of "night-vision goggles" to help us root these insidious idols out of our hearts. Then he goes further and restores and renews us in full-fledged adoration of Jesus."

"Of the making of books that make us feel better there is no end, but books that actually make us better are rare. Greg Dutcher has done the rare thing: journeyed into the heart of darkness--our penchant for idols--and then blazed a trail back into daylight. He dares to tell us the bad news about ourselves in order that we can hear, clear and fresh, the good news in spite of ourselves."

"Greg Dutcher's book is excellent. It is biblical in content and very well written. It is wonderful that Greg has made the subject so accessible. He is a master of illustration. The discussion of the idols of our lives leads to a strong affirmation of the gospel. This book would be great for adult or high school Bible studies or as a gift for an inquirer."

"This is a great book (and a needed one), and Greg's writing is crisp and fun."

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572933095
144Pages / Publication Date: 20090501

Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

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