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A Different Dream for My Child

Discovery House


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A Different Dream for My Child :  Meditations for Parents of Critically or Chronically Ill Children

Author: Jolene Philo 

For years, Jolene Philo’s son was hospitalized many times as he battled a life-threatening birth defect. Far from home, without friends and family to support them, Jolene and her husband felt utterly and completely alone. Today, support networks for parents of critically or chronically ill children have improved, but most only provide for urgent physical needs. The devotional meditations in this book address the spiritual needs of these parents as the author shares her own life lessons, as well as those of other parents who have walked this road. No matter how difficult the road, Philo says, you do not have to lose hope.
The examples of comfort and shared experience will benefit all who read this book. Chronic sorrow follows chronic disease, and the reflections offered are excellent in addressing this. Every problem discussed is "right on" and pulls out personal recollections of many of my patients. I would recommend it to familes and caretakers alike.

Powerful, insightful, and candidly honest, Jolene Philo's book "A Different Dream for My Child" is a treasured companion for those who've journeyed the heart-bending path of caring for a chronically or critically ill child. Written with insight, passion, and wisdom, Jolene's words deliver both comfort and biblical counsel on the diverse and complex emotional, spiritual, relational, and practical aspects of caring for sick children. This book is a celebration of hope in the God of comfort who walks beside us in the midst of our pain.

If you have experienced or are living in deep sorrow brought on by your child's condition, I recommend that you open this book and allow the balm of understanding to meet you where you are at... to help ease your ongoing ache, your loneliness, and your feelings of isolation.

What a tremendously helpful and inspiring book! Having two chronically ill children myself, I was amazed at how well acquainted Philo was with the private pain, grief, guilt, and loneliness I have experienced trying to cope with it all. With each devotion, my spirit was lifted into a hope I have rarely felt in the midst of the battle. I highly recommend this book to any parent whose dreams for their children have been sidetracked by illness.

No words can change the diagnosis, but there are those who can help parents change their attitude. Jone Philo understands those cries because of the experience with her son, Allen. I highly recommend this book from a mother who opens her heart on every page.

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572933071
272Pages / Publication Date: 20090801

Subject: REL012030-RELIGION / Christian Life / Family,REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional,REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional

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