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Let God Be God

Discovery House


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Let God Be God :  Life-Changing Truths from the Book of Job

Author: Ray C. Stedman 

It's an age-old question, "Why do awful things happen to people?"

Maybe the question is even more personal for you, "Why do bad things keep happening to me?"

The book of Job is God's timeless illustration of human suffering, and author Ray Stedman helps you find fresh truths and encouragement in the midst of your own trials and helps put them into perspective—God's perspective—to guide you toward healing and peace.

In Let God Be God, you'll appreciate Ray's warmth, humor, and biblical insight as you discover the book of Job in a new and compassionate light.

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572931800
256Pages / Publication Date: 20070101

Subject: REL006740-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Wisdom Literature,

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