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Eric Liddell Pure Gold

Discovery House


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Eric Liddell Pure Gold :  A New Biography of the Olympic Champion Who Inspired Chariots of Fire

Author: David McCasland 

Most people will remember Eric Liddell as the inspiration for the award-winning movie Chariots of Fire. But his life away from athletic competition was even more compelling and held an influence that reached all the way to a Japanese internment camp in China.

Eric Liddell—Pure Gold is the fascinating account of Scotland's beloved Olympic champion whose greatest race was for an eternal prize.

“To know Eric Liddell’s story is to know a true disciple of Christ. With this fascinating book, David McCasland grasps the essence of the Flying Scotsman, who epitomized what it means to choose to set oneself aflame for Christ and let the world stand back in wonder. By his example, Eric Liddell sounded a clarion call for Christians of all ages: Our worth is not measured by worldly accolades but by serving and following Christ. Therein lies the true triumph of life, worth far more than all the Olympic gold medals
in the world.”

“Brilliant, superbly talented, devoted husband and father, committed friend and an imitator of Jesus Christ are some of the words to describe this ambassador. He changed his world with every ordered step he took.”

“This biography is well-written, inspiring, and highly recommended."

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572931305
336Pages / Publication Date: 20010901

Subject: BIO016000-BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Sports,BIO018000-BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious,REL012040-RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

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